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The Church Has Left The Building

June 28, 2022

When I say Scott and Carolann / Paula and Karen, these names may not mean anything to you.  But for […]

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Love Your Neighbor

June 27, 2022

We live in a culture where semantics is everything. If we assume that otherpeople have the same exact definition of […]

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A Father’s Response

June 21, 2022

Happy Father’s Day from Gateway!

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“Healthy Spirituality: Intentional Community” by Kenny Green

June 7, 2022

Today we continue our Healthy Spirituality series… and I know for some of my friends in this community, you’re here […]

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“Healthy Spirituality – In the Scriptures” by Eric Bryant

May 30, 2022

Today we continue our series called Healthy Spirituality. If you have found yourself exhausted or overwhelmed or ready for a […]

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“Healthy Spirituality: Following the Spirit” by Carlos Ortiz

May 23, 2022

So glad you are with us today, whether you are watching online, catching up during the week, at one of […]

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“Healthy Relationships: Spiritual Alignment” by John Burke

May 18, 2022

Today we’re wrapping up this series on Healthy Relationships talking about Healthy Spiritual Alignment.  In your closest relationships, few things […]

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“Healthy Relationships: Family Dynamics”

May 11, 2022

Today as we continue our series on Healthy Relationships, we cannot skip the importance of having Healthy Family Dynamics.  Whether […]

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“Healthy Relationships: Conflict”

May 2, 2022

In week 2 Healthy Relationships series, last week we talked about Communication, this week we’re talking about Healthy Conflict. Conflict […]

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“Healthy Relationships: Communication” by Carlos Ortiz

April 26, 2022

So for this week, we’re going to dive into, “What does it look like to have healthy communication?  What does […]

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“Passion: The Crucifixion and Resurrection” by John Burke

April 20, 2022

Bunnies? Eggs? Jesus? What is Easter all about?Is Easter just a quaint tale derived from Myths about Resurrection?Is it a […]

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“The Passion: Passover” by Eric Bryant

April 11, 2022

We are talking about one week that changed everything for everyone!  Years ago, someone was helping me with some of […]

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