Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Part of following God means not being complacent, not staying where we are in life, but instead, being willing to GO. God wants us to go love others, go show mercy, and go share the love Jesus freely gives to us. But going requires a willingness to abandon our own will and take on God’s will instead. Are you ready and willing to go where God sends you?

Go into All the World

June 11, 2017 Ted Beasley

In His final days on earth, Jesus gave something called the Great Commission, a command for all Christ-followers to spread God’s teachings to all the people of the world. For many, this is a daunting expectation, but God’s Great Commission also comes with comfort, as He says he’ll be there for all who step out on faith and “go.” Will you trust God and go as He asks you?

Go and Sin No More

June 4, 2017 Ted Beasley

God is not surprised when we sin, and there’s nothing we can do to hide our failures from Him. Thankfully, Jesus offers grace and mercy to those who put their trust in Him! But He also tells us to “go and sin no more.” Knowing that we all fall short and will continue to make mistakes, what do Jesus’ words really mean for us?

Go and Do Likewise

May 28, 2017 Ted Beasley

When Jesus plans to step into a person’s life to bring about radical healing and change, He often sends Christ-followers ahead to be a living picture of His love. If we can push aside our fears and excuses, we are able to be a part of God’s world-changing plans. Will you jump into the meaningful, radically impactful life He’s calling you to, or will you stay content in your spiritual easy chair?

Go to a New Place

May 21, 2017 John Burke

When God calls us to follow Him, it’s not a call to comfort and convenience. God calls us to leave, to go, to follow Him often out of our comfort zone. As we walk by faith and follow His lead, life gets way more exciting than we could ever imagine. Do you view your life with God as an adventure?