The Greatest Reward

Everyone wants to be successful in life, and for most of us, success may mean personal achievement, ambition, or perhaps financial wealth. Although there’s nothing wrong with those things in general, isn

The Greatest Reward :: Succeeding in Trials

November 26, 2017 John Burke

When something painful or unfair happens, the natural tendency for many of us is to get caught in the why—what did we do to deserve this? We often feel like victims and become resentful toward the situation, the people involved, and even God. But Jesus offers us a command with a promise: keep your eyes on Me, and I will reward you beyond your wildest dreams. Is it worth it to trust God in life’s most challenging situations?

The Greatest Reward :: Succeeding with Money

November 19, 2017 John Burke

When it comes to money, the definition of success in our culture is one that’s unattainable. How much do you need in order to say “enough” or before you feel secure? It doesn’t matter how much or little you may have; the answer is always “more.” But what if there’s a way you could really succeed with money? How might it look to follow God’s plan for our finances, and does His plan really lead to rewards we can count on?

The Greatest Reward :: Succeeding in Work

November 12, 2017 Justin McCarty

Few people have jobs they would consider glamorous. Some have jobs they like — most days. And a handful despise every minute they’re at work. But we all have one thing in common: God wants us to invite Him into our work. If we take the focus off ourselves, off our earthly bosses and co-workers, and focus on working as if the rewards that truly matter are eternal, we’d have clarity and purpose that lightens the load.

The Greatest Reward :: Succeeding in Two Economies

November 5, 2017 John Burke

Across the globe, money, position, and power are the currencies and driving forces that bring success and rewards. Those things are not bad in and of themselves, but we often fail to realize that there’s a Greater Economy that governs us, and it’s important to be conscious of how we use the world’s economy to gain the Greatest Reward. How do we live for heavenly rewards and not just earthly rewards?