Starting Gate

Starting Gate

Starting Gate is a good place to get acquainted with Gateway and what makes us unique. You will have an opportunity to meet others, meet some of our staff and leaders, and hear more about how to take a next step into more of what we want you to experience in community with us. We truly believe life worth living happens when people are connected with others, doing life together in community

Belong Groups

Serve Group

A Belong Group is a place where you can meet others and begin building friendships. These groups may come together around a shared affinity or demographic. Ready to connect and make some new friends? A Belong Group is a great place to start.

Not Sure Where to Start? Let us Help!

When you’re ready, we’d love to connect you with others who live near you, share your interests, or are in a similar life stage, because we value living connected in community to grow spiritually and serve others together. By getting to know people who are also seeking to know God, you can learn to experience life to the fullest, be more of who God created you to be, and learn to love God and others more intentionally. Come join us!