Questions about Life After Death

Imagine Heaven: The Exhilarating Future that Awaits Us All

What comes to mind when you think of Heaven? Puffy clouds, angel wings & harps? Maybe it’s the pearly gates opening to streets of gold? Maybe you think of a bright light at the end of the tunnel. John Burke has gathered stories and personally interviewed dozens of people who have experienced life after death and come back to share their experience. Learn how so many of their stories detail what is communicated in the Bible about heaven.


Evidence for the Afterlife (Video)
John Burke, Sept. 27, 2015


Relationships in Heaven (Video)
John Burke, Oct. 4, 2015


The Most Beautiful Place (Video)
John Burke, Oct 13, 2015


The Highlight of Heaven (Video)
John Burke, Oct 20, 2015


What About Hell? (Video)
John Burke, Oct. 27, 2015


Rewards That Last (Video)
John Burke, Nov 4, 2015