God is writing an amazing story, and each of us can be a part of it. We see much of the heart of God’s story in His Word, the Bible, but what part do we play? We’re given an opportunity to join a grand narrative told by the Great Storyteller, and each of our stories, joined together and united with His, can be a thrilling and rewarding tale. How can God use us to write the best story we could ever imagine?

Best.Story.Ever. :: God’s Story Through You

December 17, 2017 John Burke

God is changing the world, life by life, as He builds His Church and works through all of us together. He makes epicenters of impact that ripple out from every life—your life and our lives connected to other lives around the world. But when you hear the word “church,” is that what you picture?

Best. Story. Ever. :: God’s Story in You

December 10, 2017 Justin McCarty

Jesus is the ultimate hero. He left the comfort of heaven for a new land on Earth, began working miracles at age 30, and He sacrificed His life for all of humankind—present and future. Jesus’ story is the best story ever told, but did you know each of us has a role in that story? Depending on our decisions, we can be a character who disappears after the first chapter, the villain or the hero of our own story, or friend and family to the ultimate hero, Jesus Christ. How will your story intersect with God’s?

Best.Story.Ever. :: God’s Story

December 3, 2017 John Burke

The Bible is an epic story of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration, but it’s also an intimate story describing God’s pursuit of a love relationship with each of us as individuals. We need to understand the big picture so that we don’t miss the personal application. Where do we fit into God’s big picture?