Each summer we have the privilege of hosting amazing speakers and authors in our summer authors series called VOICES, and we’re so excited for this year’s line-up. This series will be jam packed with excellent messages, so make sure to invite your friends!

Voices :: Shaunti Feldhahn

July 30, 2017 Shaunti Feldhahn

God wired men and women completely different in some areas. He created men and women to process things very differently. Check out this week's message to learn how to understand the opposite sex better.

Voices :: DeVon Franklin

July 23, 2017 DeVon Franklin

Hollywood producer and New York Times bestselling author DeVon Franklin returned to Gateway to introduce his new book, The Hollywood Commandments. He discussed how to be successful while also staying true to your values and faith. You won't want to miss it! #gatewayvoices

Voices :: Justin McCarty

July 16, 2017 Justin McCarty

Just like a child knows the voice of his/her father, we were made to know God’s voice. Although God is faithful to speak, perhaps you find it difficult to pinpoint what God wants to share with you because you’re not sure what to listen for or because you’re not truly listening at all. How can we recognize God’s voice and respond to what He is whispering to us?

Voices :: Laurie Short

July 9, 2017 Laurie Short

Join us as dynamic storyteller, speaker, and author, Laurie Short, shares on the topic of her new book, When Changing Nothing Changes Everything. In the book, Laurie focuses on how broadening your vision reveals the bigger purpose of your life and discusses how to expand the way we see.

Voices :: Melissa Fisher

July 2, 2017 Melissa Fisher

We all face mountains in our lives—huge barriers that impede our freedom and joy and seem impossible to overcome. But what if there was hope? What if there was a promise that we could move those mountains and experience freedom like we never thought possible? What kind of faith does it take to see our mountains moved?