What If Jesus Was Serious?

October 8, 2023 - November 26, 2023

Explore one of history's most powerful messages, the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus unveils the essence of living in God's Kingdom. This message isn't mere idealism; it's an invitation to live a life shaped by love, compassion, and righteousness. It's not just a guide; it's a transformational journey into the heart of humanity. Are you ready to step into this extraordinary way of living?

Good and Bad Fruit

Week #7 November 26, 2023 Ross Sagehorn

If Jesus was serious, then you can’t fake your way into the kingdom.

Journey of Generosity

Week #7 November 19, 2023 Carlos Ortiz

If Jesus was serious, then being rich has nothing to do with money.

Judging, Asking, Blessing

Week #6 November 12, 2023 Jon Eng

If Jesus was serious, then the way we see God, ourselves, and others, must change.

Love In Action

Week #5 November 5, 2023 Jesse Sampson

If Jesus was serious, then His followers are defined by radical countercultural love.

Imagine the God of Heaven

Week #4 October 29, 2023 John Burke

Never in history, until now, have we been able to hear from so many people across the globe who have been brought back from clinical death…and they are encountering the same captivating God.

Modern medical resuscitation and digital communication have revealed a gold mine of intriguing near-death experiences (NDEs). John Burke has spent the last three decades studying more than 1,000 NDEs.

Imagine the God of Heaven unveils the fascinating love story and characteristics of this God of all nations, revealed throughout history in scripture, illustrated by nearly 70 thrilling NDE encounters.

Adventure into realms of wonder with people from every continent who found themselves experiencing a magnificent God of captivating love. Along your journey you will realize God is the love you’ve always wanted, and his power, compassion, friendship, and guidance are closer than you could ever imagine!

For such a time as this, Imagine the God of Heaven brings a treasure of biblical truth and inspiration for a world in desperate need of God’s love and wisdom.

Purchase your copy at imagineheaven.net and for more from John Burke go to gatewaychurch.com or youtube.com/gatewaychurchaustin The Imagine the God of Heaven continues at 1pm CST on Sundays at https://live.gatewaychurch.com through November 19th.

Inside Out Righteousness

Week #3 October 22, 2023 Eric Bryant

If Jesus was serious about heart transformation, then our thoughts, motives, and intentions are deeply significant.

Christians & Culture

Week #2 October 15, 2023 Ricky Echeona

If Jesus was serious, then transforming our world happens one heart at a time.

Who is Really Blessed?

Week #1 October 8, 2023 Haley Carter

If Jesus was serious, then the Kingdom of God is truly upside down.