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At Gateway we are super passionate about getting you connected to the people and resources you need to grow. We believe there is so much more to this spiritual journey you’re on than a 35 minute message on Sunday. Have a look at next steps.

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Next Steps For Me:

Download The Next Steps


Download The Next Steps

Easter | unconditionally

The 12 steps are not just for “those people.” We all have places we’re stuck – those things and areas in our lives that hold us back from being all that God made us to be. Join us every Sunday to find freedom from habits, addictions, pride, worry, fear, control, judgment – whatever is keeping you stuck.

Download The Next Steps

Week 1 | It’s Not That Bad
Week 2 | Letting Go
Week 3 | Power to Change
Week 4 | Owning Up To The Past
Week 5 | Asking God to Remove Shortcomings
Week 6 | Making Amends
Week 7 | Personal Inventory
Week 8 | Telling Others