Inspire Services

SUNDAY  9:15 AM AND 11:15 AM




*There will be specially designated spots for those who feel more comfortable wearing a mask.



Get Connected


Welcome to the Gateway North Recovery Community!

Our recovery community is a safe place that provides support and equipping for those looking for healing, freedom, and transformation. All are welcome!

We meet every Thursday from 6:30-9:00. Currently, we meet exclusively online.


Finding a community where we can be intentional about our spiritual growth is going to make all the difference in our spiritual journey! Life Groups are 7-15 people who meet together weekly or every other week. We believe transformation happens as we seek to grow in a relationship with Jesus together. We aim to have real and honest conversations as we study the Bible together, all while becoming increasingly known by others who will help us walk out what we learn.


We were made for relationships, both with God and others. An authentic community is essential to developing personally and spiritually. Community Groups are open groups designed to be a place to come and see for yourself and invite others along as well. Community Groups create space to cultivate relationships through meaningful conversation, sharing life together, and exploring what it means to know and follow Jesus.


A Network is a group of 20 or more people who are relationally connected because they’re committed to each other and to serving together. Many of our Networks are oriented around serving to make our Sunday services possible. Others focus on serving in their neighborhoods or serving a group of people with specific needs at Gateway or in the city.  They meet together on a regular basis to connect socially, support one another, and serve together.


12-week class

Starting October 10th

9:15 am

The spiritual foundations class is focused on strengthening our basic understanding of what we believe, why we believe it and how that changes our lives. We will cover various aspects of the Bible- how it came to be and how is it made to be read, studied and enjoyed. We will also dive into the nature and character of God as Father, Son, and Spirit, growing in our understanding of who He is, and therefore, who we are and how we relate to Him and the world around us. Join us for this 12-week class running from October 10th until January 23rd (with a break over the Christmas and New Year Holidays).

3-week class

North- Starting September 21st (Currently Closed)

Online- Starting October 12th (Register Below)


Our past is not past, it is present. Both the beautiful and broken parts of our stories influence every aspect of our lives. Explore your story and empower yourself to do the rest of your life better. Join us for this 3-week class on Tuesday evenings.

September 24th

Women’s Network

September 24th

6:30-9 pm


The past 18 months have been a lot. Even if you haven’t experienced big losses you have experienced loss. In our journey as Gateway women to Rise up in 2021 we need to take some time to address our mental health. This event will be a night with a licensed counselor who will walk us through the realities of trauma (what is it, how does it affect us, what do we do) and give us all a space to process how we are actually doing. We are exploring this question as women in 2021: “Where is God inviting me to Rise up and move forward in my journey with Him?”


Join us as we care for our soul and learn more about how to not ignore but make a plan to walk healthy, strong, and whole. This is a Friday night event. Bring your dinner (or eat before you come). We will provide coffee and a sweet treat. We will be sitting around tables, so you have a group to talk and process what you are hearing. Bring a friend, your group from Gateway, or just yourself. This will be a night that will bless you in your journey!

October 23rd

Defining Your Identity Through God’s Mirror

9-11 AM

Join us for this Women’s Breakfast where we will enjoy a great breakfast, worship, teaching, and discussion with other Gateway Ladies. We are going to have an honest conversation about how we see ourselves. Is it accurate or distorted? How do we know who we really are? In 2021 we are exploring this question as women: “Where is God inviting me to Rise up and move forward in my journey with Him?” This breakfast we are going to bring identity into the conversation and consider what God might want to say to us that will help us live more fully alive

Thursday Nights

Hurts, habits and hang-ups keep us bound up, feeling alone and isolated. We offer a faith-based 12-step program that provides support and community for for those struggling with any type of addiction.