About the Path

CONSIDER THE EXPERIENCE OF JOINING A GYM. The goal is to get physically healthy, right? From day one, you can work with a physical trainer who assesses your current condition. This gives you a picture of where you are and also points to your potential, with realistic goals of how to get there. The trainer gives you a tour of the gym and shows you how to use the equipment to get the best results. Then you start a workout routine for each muscle group, complete with cardio, that you and the trainer go after together. Each time you leave the gym, there’s no doubt you’re becoming more physically healthy. In the same way you join a gym to improve your physical health, we encourage you to join a Life Group to care for your spiritual health.

The Path


Start by discovering what it means to follow the Way of Christ.


Next, begin to follow the Way of Christ by developing these foundational Spiritual Outcomes.


Then, deepen your experience along the Way of Christ by cultivating these Outcomes.