How do you get past the feeling of being overlooked? How do you combat doubt, disappointment, and failure? Eyewitnesses to Jesus’ resurrection shared in these same struggles, but Jesus helped them overcome and make an impact on history. Jesus can do the same for all of us. Join us as we learn how we can live a life of faith that makes us overcomers who make a positive difference in the world.

Failure :: Peter on the Beach

April 22, 2018 John Burke

The way we respond to failure in our lives often reflects how our parents taught us to relate to it. Is failure a threat to your performance, a dent to your image, a reason to give up? Or is it possible to view failure as a chance to lean into God’s loving forgiveness and learn to rely more on His strength and wisdom?

Disappointment :: Road to Emmaus

April 15, 2018 Justin McCarty

We’ve all experienced unmet expectations in our lives that have led us to a deep sense of disappointment. Jesus’ early followers, the disciples, experienced this too, when Jesus was crucified on the cross. But God tells us that our hope is found in Him. How can we surrender our expectations to help free us from the pain of our disappointments?

Doubt :: Doubting Thomas

April 8, 2018 John Burke

Are you a doubter? Do you struggle with believing things that seem too good to be true? Thomas, a follower of Jesus, struggled in the same way. But in the end, Thomas became a powerful messenger for Jesus, sharing His teachings wherever he went. How can we welcome doubt in a way that leads us to a deeper sense of faith?