Who is Jesus, Really?

This series may be one of the most important series we ever do. For 2000 years people have been asking this question: Who is Jesus, Really? How we answer this question really does shape how we view the world, how we treat others, and what we view about ourselves. In this series, we are going to push past the political, religious, and inaccurate versions of Jesus and discover who He is from His own words. Discover the God who provides, guides, protects, empowers, clarifies, and lives today!

I Am That I Am

March 28, 2021 Carlos Ortiz

Jesus claimed to be God among us and that the truth would set us free. What if we are overwhelmed with all of the differing opinions on spirituality, faith, and religion and cannot discern the truth from the rumors and the lies? Discover how a relationship with God brings clarity, purpose, and genuine freedom to life.

I Am the Vine

March 21, 2021 John Burke

Jesus claimed to enable us to have fruitful lives. What if we struggle to simply survive? Discover how a relationship with God connects us to a power that transforms us into people who thrive and experience the fullness of life.

I Am the Gate. I Am the Good Shepherd.

March 14, 2021 Kenny Green

Jesus claimed He can protect those who follow Him. What if the news is filled with tragedy, and the world feels unsafe? Discover how a relationship with God helps us connect to the One who can bring us peace and protection in the midst of life’s challenges.

I am the Light of the World

March 7, 2021 John Burke

Jesus claimed to be able to guide us out of the darkness. What if those responsible for guiding us are corrupt, hypocritical, or self-centered? Jesus challenged the religious leaders and embraced those considered as “the sinners”. Discover how a relationship with God allows us to overcome the deception and walk in the way of wisdom.

I Am the Bread of Life

February 28, 2021 Eric Bryant

Jesus claimed to be able to meet our greatest needs. What if you find yourself in a pandemic, a winter storm without power or water, in an unjust world, or all of the above all at the same time? Discover how a relationship with God reveals God’s provision regardless of life’s circumstances.