Ukraine Update

Ukraine Update

Storyline :flag-ua: Ukrainian Aid Distribution Update:

A recap of Storyline’s work in Ukraine. A portion of your giving goes to help support many ministries, including Storyline.

Our Storyline partner ‘Hope to People’ has courageously engaged humanitarian aid with the strength of God to serve sacrificially and effectively.

Using 35 evacuation vehicles they have traveled a total of 129,393 miles, which is approximately 5 trips around the earth along the equator. These long road trips to take humanitarian aid towards combat zones and then getting struggling people out of these areas require a lot of road miles. They have used about 7,000 gallons of fuel for these difficult road trips.

Through financial aid from Storyline we have supported the ‘Hope to People’ church alliance in serving 9,276 people with transportation, shelter, food, clothing, and medicine.

:blue_heart::yellow_heart: Thank you for your financial support! We are making a difference.

Kirby Holmes will be traveling to Ukraine again in September to continue supporting aid directly to ‘Hope to People’ for “winter survival” projects. The winter cold is an upcoming threat to Ukrainians. With the current disruptions and scarcity of heating oil and electricity, Ukrainians will need heated locations to find refuge this winter. We are providing heating solutions for an entire church facility in the city of Rivne and portable space heaters for families in need.

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